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2 Business Days
Canadian passports (all visa types). Valid up to 10 years, 60 days each stay $99.00 (+tax $12.87)
Single Entry (non-Canadian passport) Valid 3 mo., 30 days stay $99.00 (+tax $12.87)
Double Entry (non-Canadian passport) Valid 6 mo., 30 days each stay $99.00 (+tax $12.87)
US Passports (All visa types, 30 days each stay) $99.00 (+tax $12.87)
  1. For Canadian passport holders: Original valid passport (must be valid at least for 6 months from departure date& min. 2 blank pages) along with the ORIGINAL old passport if the issue date of the current passport is later than 2014-01-01. Note: The issue date of current passport must not be later than expiry date of old passport.

  2. For Non-Canadian applicants: Valid passport and Permanent resident permit/work permit/study permit must be submitted in original along with the ORIGINAL old passport if the issue date of the current passport is later than 2014-01-01. Note: The issue date of current passport must not be later than expiry date of old passport.

  3. One recent taken color passport photo against white background (48mm*33mm, taken within 6 months); Photo facility is available on-site for $16. Photos from photo booth or home-shot photos are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  4. One completed China visa application form. (may be completed by hand)

  5. 2-page supplementary visa application if applicable. Supplementary form applies when someone traveling with you shares the same passport with you  or you are a Non-Canadian applicant

  6. Invitation letter issued by the Chinese governmental departments, companies or social organizations authorized by the Chinese Foreign Ministry); or Invitation cards/registrations from trade fairs; or Letter of invitation issued by a state-owned enterprise, collectively-owned enterprise, joint venture, solely-owned or private enterprise and educational, cultural and scientific institutions, and conference sponsors or hosts. (invitation from company must have company name and address in main land china on letter head, inviting them over for whatever purposes, signed and stamped. Invitation must be specific for which entry applying for i.e. If applying for double entry, invitation must say double entry is needed)

Important Note:

a) email correspondence is not considered as invitation.

b) For the sample of how business visa invitation letter from private company should look like, click here .

  1. Investors in China: if the applicant has made an investment in China or signed contracts with a Chinese company, please provide the original and the copy of the Chinese business license carrying the name of the applicant or the contract.

  2. Former Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwan citizens: when applying for Chinese visas with renewed foreign passport for the first time should also provide the original Chinese passport, or expired foreign passport with China visa in it, or Hong Kong ID or birth certificate. If the applicant has immigrated to Canada for more than 20 years, original landed document or citizenship card will apply. Should the applicant�s name shown in the above documents are not identical, please provide official certificates.

  3. Multiple entry visa requests are accepted when:

  • Applicants holding visa notification issued by an authorized unit requesting for F-visa with multiple entries;

  • Business license or enterprise approval certificate under applicant�s own name

  • Applicants have traveled for two or times within last year. Records and stamps from previous visa must be provided.

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How to apply:

In person:

In Vancouver :
550 W. Broadway
Suite 730, Vancouver
BC V5Z 0E9


Third Party:

You may designate your friend or family to apply for a Chinese visa on your behalf, as long as all application forms are signed and your photo has been taken and attached to the application form. Third party applications may be submitted in Vancouver.

By Courier:

Documents being sent by Courier, must be sent to the following address only:

China Visa Center

550 West Broadway
Suite 730, Vancouver
BC V5Z 0E9

Note that we do not accept UPS for return


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550 West Broadway, Suite 730, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9